Principal'S Desk

In this age of digital supremacy education systems being the basic challenges of equipped students with new abilities and skills required to be competitive in global world wide at the same time producing individuals who are responsible adults with a sound value system, good citizens both of the country and of the world. Education is not just school curriculum but 'Real Life Curriculum' where students are learning attitudes, value enhanced life skills and scientific knowledge. It helps learners to take their decisions, solve problems, think creatively and critically build healthy relationship empathise with others, communicate effectively and manage their lives in a more healthy and productive manner. To connect the child to real life experiences practically will help them to unpack the dry knowledge of text books and learn to handle the complex puzzle called 'LIFE', handling all the challenges it throws towards them with care and panache and become proactive agents of transformation among global community. Thus, the onus is on creating a climate hospitable to education in which a collaborative culture exist, wherein teachers showing a positive relationship with students becomes stronger and students' achievement becomes higher. lam certain with the support of staff, parents and students and hoping that the school will reach greater heights in the years to come. Today my heart is filled with gratitude and felicitations to all those who made this journey illustrious and meaningful for today's generation to make them society responsible and globally awarded to prepare leaders for tomorrow's competitive world.

With Kind Regards,
Ritu Batra