“Leader in Me is the ideal Blueprint for every school to change the world through education”


Mrs. Poonam Thakur             Mrs. Neeru Sharma         Mrs. Kiran Datta           Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur Sekhon

Mrs. Poonam Thakur, Head Pre-primary.
She is a voracious reader and an enthusiastic leader with a potential to do more. 

Mrs. Neer Sharma, Head of Primary School is an enthusiastic leader with creativity in her skill and acts as a great booster for her team. 

Mrs. Kiran Datta, Head of Middle School possess leadership skills with team spirit, hard work in her job profile. She believes in Academic excellence and fraises an achieving goal. 

Mrs. Gupreet Kaur Sekhon, Head of Senior School, she has vast experience and has made innumerable contribution in the field of education. She believes in sincerity, dedication and loyalty towards her commitments.