Physics / Chemistry / Biology
M.R. Citi Public School has the state of well-equipped labs for Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths & Computer which allow for a lot of hands on the activities and experiments making learning much more fun by giving the children a lot of food for thought. Our labs are adequately equipped with latest instruments, gadgets, charts and models to take care of the needs of the students. They are well planned, spacious and well lighted. Every lab enjoys the facility of inbuilt classrooms so that no time is wasted in commuting from lab to classroom or vice-versa. The school lays a lot of emphasis on learning by doing not only in the labs but in each situation.

Maths Lab
The Maths Lab, a unique feature of the school is well organised with a large number of mathematical tools, which enables the children to clarify all their doubts. The Maths lab enables the students to get rid of hackened ways of learning Maths and makes it a joyful experience. 

Computer Lab
The school has one of the best and most modern computer facilities with internet in the city. The students are encouraged to do the work and prepare projects and presentations here. Computer Aided learning helps to accelerate the pace of learning and also makes a pleasant experience. Junior/ Senior wing enjoys watching multimedia and motivational movies from School Cinema.

English Lab
English language Lab for junior and senior school enhance the linguistic ability of the M.R. Citians. The Eng. Lab is a state-of-the-art learning tool that enables the students master English Language with ease. The digitized tool enables a teacher to two-way communication with every student independently and also offer precise guidance during sessions through computer. It teaches functional use of English Language with (Listening Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills.
The language lab supports students whose learning styles have been creating barriers to their academic progress. It helps to remove any sort of communication-based hesitation.

Our labs help M.R. Citians to develop a better understanding of the concepts prescribed in the curriculum. The purpose of designing the labs is to provide students a rich learning environment with a joyful experience.