Attendance & Leave Rules

Attendence and Leave Rules 

A minimum of 80% attendance in school is compulsory.

Leave Rules

1. Leave of absence will be granted only when absolutely necessary.
2. Unauthorized absence for more than 3 days will be considered as a withdrawal and seat may be declared vacant.

3. No leave will be granted without the sanction of the Principal.
4. Leave application submitted under the signature of the Parent/ Guardian will only be considered
for grant of leave.
5. In-case of leave exceeding 3 days on account of sickness, the application must be accompanied
with a Medical Certificate from a competent authority. If the child is absent continuously for
three days without application then his/ her name will be struck off from the school.
6. In-case your ward is not feeling well then he or she should send leave application duly signed by
the parents and should bring the medical certificate for the same next day.
7. Short Leave during school hours is not at all permitted, except in dire emergency.
8. In-case of emergency the person coming to pick the child should carry valid identity proof.
9. Parents should always inform the school authorities about the leave or absence of their ward.