Anti-Bullying Committee

This policy prevents bullying at M.R. CITI PublicSchool. All our students have the right to workin an environment which is safe from intimidiation and in which any type ofbullying is not acceptable.



Bullyingis an aggressive behaviour that is intentional and that involves an imbalanceof power orstrength. The definition includes a wide range of behaviour whether verbal,written, physical orsocial, targeting a person or property.


            M.R.CITI Aims

1.    To promote a secure and happy environment that is free from threat,harassment and any type of bullying behaviour.

2.    To increase the awareness of bullying  behaviour in the school community as whole.

3.    To devise school based measures to prevent and deal with bullyingbehaviour.

4.    To inform pupils and parents of the schools expectations and to foster aproductive partnership which helps to maintain bully free environment.

5.    To make ware of their role in fostering knowledge and attitudes that willbe required to achieve the above aims.


                        Preventive Measures

                        Procedurefor dealing with incidents of  bullyingbehaviour. The following are the steps takento support and respond to the needs of both bullied and bullying pupils.

1.    Proper record maintenance.

2.    Appropriate Action to be taken.


                        Contacting parents of all pupilsconcerned in the bullying incidents

1.    Investigation.

2.    Feedback given to the concerned.

3.    Sanctions.

4.    Connecting referent professionals e.g. school counsellor Anti Bullying Committeeand Coordinators.


                        Continuous professional development ofstaff


                        Workshops,awareness sessions are organised by school to sensitize staff members for perversions of  bullying and reporting bullying  incident within classrooms and playground.


Complaintboxes are also installed at different locations. Feedback is collected from the        disciplinaryincharges  to take appropriate action.


                        Anti bullying committee members :-


Sr. No.




Mrs. Ritu Batra



Mr. Ramji Dass

School management


Mrs. Priyanka Chaudhary 

Medical Officer


Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur Sekhon



Mr. Suresh Kumar

Parents Teacher Association Members


Mr. Rohit Kumar

Disciplinary Incharge


Mr. Raman Deep

Disciplinary Incharge


Mrs. Surinder Kaur

Disciplinary Incharge


Mrs. Kiran Datta

Disciplinary Incharge



                        Reporting Procedure for students


                        Whom to tell?

1.    Parents / Teachers

2.    Anti bullying committee members

3.    Friends who can speak on their behalf.


How to tell?

1.    Direct approach to a teacher

2.    E-mail to school

3.    Parents can inform school

4.    Drop a complaint in complaint box.

5.    Can make a phone call to any teacher.

6.    Contact school counsellor.