"Darkness to light" is the school's motto. As the twig bends, so does the tree grow. The world of tomorrow will be what we give today with care. M.R. CITI PUBLIC SCHOOL works to ensure bright future for the children. The school renders nothing but the best to its students through a clean, healthy, aesthetic, progressive and child-centric world of M.R. CITI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Balachaur.

The school will provide its children 'the best of the both worlds' - the technology, individuality and independence of West, as well as the culture, tradition and values of the East. Children at M.R. CITI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Balachaur are in the right hands because "Darkness to light" is the motto of the school. M.R. CITI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Balachaur is firmly of the view that the mental and intellectual development of a child is shaped and takes place at early age. The school firmly promises that it shall not leave any stone unturned to develop self confidence; to nurture self-respect; to improve communication skills; to promote leadership qualities; to encourage positive thinking; to sharpen memory, reasoning and intellect; and to inculcate spiritual power among children.
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