A Glimpse of Chairman’s Views

In this fast changing world, we are experiencing a rapid growth in the field of education. We at M.R. Citi Sr. Sec. Public School wish to develop the personality of the children, they are like a tiny seed & sign of life, for them school is the best place for growth. Education, especially in the modern world, has become so expensive that its tentacles have reached the space, the moon & much beyond as well. Gone are the days of ABCD or numerals & tables. Thus bearing its credibility M.R. Citi Means to deliver a multi- Pronged “Education for life” to the children.

M.R. Citi School is an outcome of my deep concern to provide educational facility to all who are determined to prove their worth. We seek to unlock the budding talent by providing a thriving, dynamic, supportive & challenging environment. We seek to help build responsible citizens and actively promote community responsibility. We seek partners in our parents, where we shall commit to work together to build good relationships within & beyond the school gates.

Let’s join hands to make learning enjoyable & rewarding for our tomorrow’s citizens.

With warm regards,


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