About Us

The Brief History
M.R. CITI PUBLIC SCHOOL Balachaur , established by Mr. Ramji Dass in 1999, under the management of Mansha Ram Memorial Charitable Trust. The foundation stone was laid down by Hon’ble Capt. Kanwaljit Singh (Ex. Finance Minister) in December 1998. It is an English medium Co-Education institute which provides quality education from Nursery to class XII. The school is affiliated to Central Board Secondary Education, New Delhi, Vide Code 1630222.
Setting unprecedented goals, building traditions and seeking new land marks the school has carved for itself a name synonymous with academic excellence and a well balanced education.

The Beginning

An institution is built upon the foundation of great ideas. It rises like a citadel in which are mirrored the hopes and aspiration of the thousands of mind who walk through its corridors.
The great hope of civilization is man of character. The men who dare to dream, who dare to transform dreams into reality. The unsubmissive ones who take the first steps down new roads, venture into the unknown, reach out towards new horizons and armed with nothing but their own vision.
In the beginning, victory, glory and triumph are more phantoms, these men know they have to work hard and towards this struggle they bring in qualities of grit patience, endurance and perseverance.
Such man and woman of the future are nurtured in a school. Genius is not born but created within the four walls of an institution.
M.R. CITI PUBLIC SCHOOL , Balachaur is a hope, a dream translated into reality.

Chairman’s Message

In this fast changing world, we are experiencing a rapid growth in the field of education. We at M.R. Citi Sr. Sec. Public School wish to develop the personality of the children, they are like a tiny seed & sign of life, for them is struggle for growth. Read More...

Principal's Message

In this age of digital supremacy education system being the basic challenges of equipped students with new abilities and skills required to be competitive in global world wide at the same time producing individuals Read More...

Director's Message

Our school represents a cross section of the society and is a rich blanket of multi cultural diversity. Children come to us from varied cultural, social, racial and religious background. Within school they learn to  Read More...

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